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Rick Kappra

The author of the best-selling adult education program, Out and About: An Interactive Course in Beginning English, Rick Kappra renews and inspires teachers via his repertoire of activities which he daringly refers to as “teacherless”—maximum student practice with minimum instructor involvement.

Rick has been teaching English to speakers of other languages since 1983, where he started as a volunteer in a community-based organization in Philadelphia serving refugees and immigrants. He presently teaches adult ESOL at City College of San Francisco in California. In addition to teaching in Philadelphia and San Francisco, he has taught and done teacher training in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea.

Rick's interactive, entertaining workshops demonstrate his teaching philosophy: students need to be given opportunities to use the target language in class while teacher talk time is kept to a minimum. His quest to find ways of creating a student-centered, communicative classroom led him to collaborating with co-author Amy Hemmert on “Out and About—An Interactive Course In Beginning English.”

For more information about Rick Kappra’s workshops or presentations, please contact Alta Book Center. Phone: 800 ALTA/ESL or 650.692.1285 or Email: